Monday, August 19, 2013

Tag Force 5/6 PC Install Tutorial

Hey! Want to learn how to download Tag Force 5 (Eng. Version) or 6 (Jap. Version) ? It's a simple tutorial so let's get started!
So for the games to work on PC (as they are made for PSP) we will need the JPCSP emulator.
To download the emulator click here
Next, to download Tag Force 5 click here
To download Tag Force 6 click here (it's a torrent file so you will need a torrent downloading program to download it)
I recommend Bittorrent. To download it click here
When they get downloaded you will find two .iso files (TF5 and TF6) and the a .rar file of the JPCSP emulator. Exctract it. You will need Winrar for that if you are using Windows.
Open the folder of the emulator and go to "UMD Images". Paste the .iso file of the game that you want to play. Then, start the .exe file of the emulator. A command prompt will appear. Wait for it to finish it's thing. The program will appear.
Go to "File" and select "Load UMD". The game you pasted in the "UMD Images" folder will be there. Select it and click "Load". Then click "Run".
The game will start! So, that's pretty much it! Thanks for reading this article.
If you want to watch YouTube video explaining you how to do it, go to this link:


  1. Hi, When I try to open the file that says start windows, it says unable to access jarfile bin/jpcsp.jar. Can you please help me?

  2. Hey man ,
    I downloaded the game and the emulator (i downloaded ppsspp emulator because this one is too slow) but there is something wrong with both games :
    the free dueling works very well but each time i start the story mode and finish the introduction with all the characters then go to the map (after exiting my room) to try another location the game stops and the emulator must be closed to restart the game again (so i can't try any thing in the story mode)

  3. i need the floder of elemator can I donwload it ?

  4. hey what about a good suggestion for ur mods aco

    u may put the real abilities of the cards so that the games be more challenging like the egyption gods
    they are not 4000 u should put there real good abilities itis deadly


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